Sunday, 11 July 2010

Baked Trout with Fennel & Orange

I do cook savoury stuff all the time - but rarely blog about it.

There are a lot of things I want to try, but rarely cook as my husband really isn't keen on a fairly wide range of ingredients. For example, he doesn't like fish or meat on the bone. He doesn't like fruit and wouldn't consider fennel.

You can guess I was the one eating this and he had pizza last night !

Beautiful little rainbow trout - simply stuffed and baked in the oven. I used our fantastic new silicone food ropes / ties to hold it together.

These little food ropes are utterly fantastic and a direct alternative to string in the kitchen. They are reuseable and very easy to tighten and release. Being nice and bright (available now in blue, green, red and hot pink) they are easy to see. They also don't bind into your meat or fish and are very easy to undo. Also ideal for securing open bags of rice, sugar and pasta that otherwise have a life of their own !

 These come in a sets of 4 for a mere £2.25

When I cooked a stuffed roll of pork belly with crackling the other week, I could undo and remove the silicone food ties with one hand ! No trying to dig string out that's got buried into the meat.... or slicing it up to find bits of sting hidden in the gravy.

I also used them for tying a bouquet garni of elderflowers for the gooseberry jam earlier this month.

I gutted, washed and dried the trout - then stuffed with finely cut fennel and a couple of slices of orange. Little seasoning and a drizzle of olive oil - then into a 180deg C fan oven for 15 mins. Turning over 1/2 way through the cooking time. Photo directly above was after I turned it over. The skin had stuck to the roasting tin, but the silicone food ties held the fish and fennel stuffing nicely together.

Simply served with salad , it was a lovely and fresh evening meal

Sarah-Jane Nash - July 2010


  1. Oh I LOVE fish and Im glad you do too.Esp whole fish and am surprised to hear that you clean n gut them too! :) I know most people wld feel squeamish doing that.( I enjoy it) It must have tasted sooo good.

    Im also surprised to hear that ur husband does not like fruit. what a coincidence .our eldest son does not like fruit too and I feel like it was all my fault...LOL N i know how it limits what you bake or cook.I have exactly the same problem..:D

    those silicone ties sound n look so neat. I can imagine how useful they wld be in the kitchen. and colorful too!

    I was at a japanese store recently n I saw some silicone stuff. One of them was a lemon or lime wedge squeezer where u slip in the lemon or lime wedge so that you cld squeeze it without messing up your fingers. I thought that was quite ingenious! and so cute n colourful too.

    This is lovely dish Sarah...mmmmmmmmmm sorry for the xtra long comment. I mite as well write u a letter.


  2. It looks delicious! I love fish cooked in this manner and must look at the food ropes. Great idea!

  3. Zurin - you wrote me a letter (email) as well ! I'll reply shortly. lol

    Pam - the silicone food ties / ropes are fab. I'm finding dozens and dozens of uses for them. I currently have a big bunch of rosemary tied up with one hanging up to dry.

    There was another little story with the fish. Oliver has only ever seen fish swimming about before rather than on a plate with head on. He kept coming over to it on my plate wanting to open it's mouth and put his finger in .. only to scream and run off !

    I wonder if he'll start associating HIS chicken (Korma) now with chicken dinners !


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