Saturday, 10 July 2010

Banana & Chocolate Tear & Share Bread - for Eve !

You may remembar a couple of weeks ago I made an AntiPasto Tear and Share Bread....

I also had an idea of recreating the same as a sweet version with bananas and chocolate which Eve liked the sound of.

I made this for the girls shorlty after, but have never got round to posting the photos...

It's a basic bread dough... tweaked :

500g strong white bread flour
1.1/2 teaspoons salt
4 tablespoons of honey (I used orange blossom runny honey)
Sachet of breadmaker yeast
300ml of milk (instead of the normal water)
30ml approx of olive oil.

Make up as normal bread dough and knead until smooth and silky. Leave to prove until doubled in size.

Knock it back and then roll out into a large rectangle.

After that, it's a case of putting in chocolate chunks and bananas and rolling it up.

This is the second or third row of chocolate and banana being rolled in ! You'll definately get banana and chocolate right the way through this one :-)

Finished bread rolled up like a log is above.

Now I chop it up into rolls about 2" or so deep. These are then spaced out into a 10" diameter silicone bakeware mould. The bread sections will grow into each other and take up the excess space. This is a super handy pan to have and very versatile.. I use this one for loads of things.... bread, cakes, a cooking container on top of the baking tray in the halogen oven / cooker

I then pop it back in the halogen oven for a second prove for another 15 > 20 mins. Halogen cooker is FANTASTIC for proving bread. Set the temperature half way between off and defrost setting for proving bread. It's great summer and winter to keep a constant proving heat.

Whack the heat up to 180 > 200deg C in fan oven or halogen oven and cook for approx 25 > 30minutes until done. On removing, drizzle all over with more runny honey and leave to cool for a bit before serving

I challenge you to ONLY eat one bit !


  1. I'm honored!! WHen you first mentioned chocolate and banana, I was awed because I had never thought of those two flavours together except for maybe chocolate sauce drizzled over a banana split. But certainly not in a bread you see. I can only imagine how good this taste. It looks so soft and chewy and yummy. Thank you for showing this. I couldn't do this myself, I still can't do simple plump cinnamon rolls :D You should write a cooking book. I'd certainly purchase a hard copy. :D

  2. Wow this looks extra yummy Sarah! chocolate n banana..whats not to like...very very tempting indeed.

  3. chocolate and babana are my fav specially in crepe ...might it is a try soon!

  4. Does banana and chocolate goes together?????
    i mean it came out really nice at the end but iam not sure about this????!!!!!????!!!!!

  5. oh yes - banana and chocolate is a match made in heaven !


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