Monday, 28 June 2010

Glancing at June - Just A Few Photos !

Just a few photos glimpsing back the last week or two of June.....

A cheeky Oliver chasing the chickens in the garden. Just as well they can move faster than him ! Actually - they come looknig for him to play and run circles round his feet to make him chase them. When they aren't in the mood they can get back to their side of the fence or come and literally stand at his feet.

Those naughty chickens SHOULD be on the other side of the fence.. :rollseyes:

Fluffy's new chick (just one) at about a week old. It's starting to get big now. Amazing how quick they grow. We have no cockrell with the chickens in the garden. As fluffy was broody, we let her sit on a couple of eggs from the field chickens that we have down the road.

This is about 3 days worth of eggs. All random shapes, sizes and colours.

This photo is cheating. It's from early May. It's a rare photo of Oliver and I together (since it's always me taknig the pictures) feeding the chickens. It's also my first appearance on my blog ! All the white chickens I'm feeding are youngsters we've been rearing for meat (not the two white ones in the foreground). They're getting big now - another month and you'll see them in a recipe !

Here's Oliver visiting work last week - with Richard teaching him how to drive the forklift truck and put the forks up and down....

Two of my ponies. Castrol on the left and Summer on the right.

And here's my other lad - Echo, showing off. There are no photos of Cocoa the miniature donkey as he's standing glued to my side whenever I'm in the field !

I tend to drive up to the top paddock through the field when Oliver is in the car - this lot are just a bit too big to have him running around their feet.

Summer likes to come and give Oliver kisses through the passengers window. I'm fed up telling her she needs to clean her teeth....

 She's a real softy and when out the field, is happy to let Oliver sit on her. I'm DESPERATE to get back out riding - oh for a babysitter !

Ok - so this one is a bit nicer :-)

Oliver and Zach (my friend Nicky's little boy) sharing Zach's car. It's a bit of a squeeze in there - the car is only meant for one !


  1. What lovely pictures, it's great to see you and Oliver together!

    Now that I'm seeing your lively chickens I don't want to see your chicken recipies :D hahaaa

    Your ponies are beautiful, Summer's such a ham. Love it! :D Great post!

  2. oh wished I cld see you better though ;) but u look cute :))

  3. Sarah! What a lovely post. I enjoyed this so much..seeing little Oliver. And your pony giving the 'kiss' is hilarious!!! LOL

    Oliver is sooooooo cute!


  4. maybe see more of me another time !

    Summer will make your face green with grassy kisses given a chance. Echo is like an ant eater and has a huge long tongue. He'll lick you all over given the chance :-S

    Oliver ? He does the best kisses - but currently says "No Way" and runs off when you ask him !

  5. wat a wonderful sunny days in field....Lovely Pic of Oliver :)


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