Thursday, 24 June 2010

40 cell EXTRA DEEP Mini Muffin Mould

We've been waiting so long for this ! I'm now pleased to announce the lauch of our 40 cup EXTRA DEEP silicone mini muffin mould. Originally, we had this made for use in semi commercial and commercial bakeries - but I'm also using one cut in half in my domestic cooker in my kitchen at home. That gives me two large extra large mini muffin trays which are each 450mm wide and 300mm deep and lets me bake extra deep mini muffins that LOOK just like those high rise ones you see in the stores.

Tim in Merv's Hot Bread Kitchen (Attleborough / Norfolk) has been trialing these for us for the past few weeks. I snapped these photos in his bakery yesterday afternoon. He uses our normal paper mini muffin cases in the moulds and fills the paper cases right to the top and then piles on the topping as you can see in the photos below.

The cherry muffins with the big sugar nibs are to die for :-) I'm not surprised they've instantly become very popular ! Now I've managed to get a load of sugar nibs myself - I'm dying to have a play at home.

Hanna from BB's Muffins in Nowich has been using them too. Unlike Tim, Hanna just greases hers to make sure they always release easily and doesn't bother with paper liners. For the finished mini muffins, Hanna adorns them with an icing glaze and sprinkles.

These are now available from at £19.99 each. There are discounted prices available on this item for bulk purchasers - see here


  1. OHH these are beautiful Sarah! wow you'll need a really large oven to fit the whole thing in.. But how wonderful to bake so many more at one time. The muffins look delicious. I dont think there are sugar nibs here though.lovely muffins! YUM

  2. Hi Zurin

    you'd need a commercial oven to fit the whole thing in - but cut in half it fits a domestic oven just fine.

    I've been looking for those sugar nibs for what seems like forever. I've not been able to find a store that sells them. I've only ever found them on things from small bakery stores.

    Still - I've managed to get a big bag of them. I'm sure I can spare you some to try :-)


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