Saturday, 12 June 2010

Did you miss us ?

It's been a while with no blog posts... I spent a few days back "home" in Scotland with Oliver for my cousin's wedding last weekend.

Photo above is of Oliver and my brother Simon (who is SINGLE btw) in his full kilted outfit just before the ceremony. Cowboy hat wasn't eactly right - but was the nearest we had to a matching hat for his outfit.

Unfortunately, I have few photos. It's pretty impossible with a 1.1/2yo sometimes ! Oliver had a rare time. It was the hottest day of the year and asolutely baking. Straight after the ceremony, all the jackets and waistcoats were coming off ....

Oliver was melting in the heat and wasn't for sitting still - so we went and sat on our own during the ceremony under trees in the shade. I could only see from the distance, and was busy trying to occupy a toddler to prevent him from creating a fuss..... Unfortunately no photos of the gorgeous bride in her stunning Vera Wang dress to show you. I was too far away. I did get a photo of the beautiful Nicole (flowergirl) at the upstairs window before the bride came down.

I amused Oliver with bubbles and balloons. It was going well until he decided to bite and burst the balloons as the couple were taknig their vows. Oops !

Here's my mum trying to catch him whilst the couple were having their photos taken. There were so many people I couldn't get near the bride to photograph...


  1. Oh I love this picture of your Mom chasing Oliver, that's so cute. And I see you are advertising your brother as I advertise mine. hehheheeee

  2. awee cutie pic of Oliver and flower girl, good click's

  3. Oh I love the photo pf ur mom with Oliver too! so charming...Oliver is so cute..I just love him :)


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