Monday, 3 June 2013

Auntie Jane's Chocolate Covered Coconut Balls - The Christmas Hamper Bakeoff

These are probably one of my earliest food memories, and certainly one of my Dad's favourite things of all time. Unfortunately, I didn't take photos last time I made these and have had this blog post sat as draft for ages. The intention was to make more, for the sole purpose of photography - but I'm on a diet and simply don't trust myself not to eat these.

When I was a little girl, we occasionally used to go and visit my aunt and uncle. My memory is a little unclear - but I think this was in the years before my cousins came along. I'm guessing I was around 6 years old....

At the time, my Auntie Jane and Uncle Richard lived just round the corner from my grandmother. I remember my Auntie Jane used to make chocolate covered coconut balls and these used to be a real treat !

Last year, I begged her for the recipe. Jane hasn't made these in a very long time - she guesses around 30 years. That's probably about right, as my cousin Kathryn is now 28yo (almost 29) and had no memory of these at all.....

Kathryn made a leap of faith and moved from Scotland to Norfolk in December and joined us as a full time team member. Unfortunately, she'll only be working with us for a few months more as a baby is now on the way !

Kathryn and I made some of these coconut balls, to included in family gift hampers last Christmas.

To describe what they taste like - imaging deluxe home made Bounty Bars and you won't be far wrong !

This recipe is easy enough for children to help with and requires no cooking

RECIPE - makes approx 42 to 45

400g dessicated coconut
200g icing sugar
200g of salted butter
1 can Carnation condensed milk

Good quality milk or dark chocolate - to coat (guessing about 500g)

Cream butter and icing sugar together and beat in the condensed milk. Stir in the dessicated coconut and refrigerate until firm.

Roll into golf ball sized spheres and then coat by dipping with two forks into melted, tempered chocolate. Place on to a silicone mat. Leave to sit for 5 mins of so and then refrigerate until set.

Due to the butter content, keep refrigerated..... but should store for a good month or more.

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  1. Coconut and chocolate - this combination is irresistible :)


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