Saturday, 31 March 2012

Oliver Makes Toffee Popcorn

Got children ? Get them involved with you in the kitchen.

My little boy, Oliver is 3yo and loves helping Mummy in the kitchen.  He adores baking (especially sifting flour) and peeling vegetables. Another favourite is getting to make omlet for his tea. The blue eggs from our cream legbar hen are his favourite and he has now got the hang of cracking them properly without just squashing the whole thing in his hands after breaking the shell.

Recently, we made toffee popcorn. He had such fun watching it pop through the glass lid in the pan. So much so, that we made another batch at his request the next morning. He took it to nursery for "Show and Tell" to share with his class. It was a horrid rainy day, so the kids got to watch a short film and eat their popcorn. Oliver's teacher said the kids had a blast !

Anyway - here is a first YouTube tutorial by Oliver. All you need is some popcorn kernels, a little oil, butter and golden syrup.

Enjoy x


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