Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bockwurst Sausages Baked in a Bun - MAN FOOD !

I came up with this idea a few weeks ago and never got round to trying it out until today.. This photo is a little scary. These are my colleagues - not a bunch of ex convicts :-P

The guys got ripped into these when I took them in at lunchtime and it took them a little longer to demolish one than it does a dainty macaron !

I'm sure there will be someone else out there who may adapt these and make them look pretty. Forgive me, but this initial version is unadulterated MAN FOOD. It's rustic and huge. Made for eating with grubby, unwashed hands and cramming in a big gob (huge mouth) whilst on the move. Saying that, they smelt wonderful even if they did look rather silly.

Saying that, it worked pretty well.

I'd bought a big jar of 8 huge German Brockwurst sausages from Lidl. They are like big hotdogs, (though taste a lot better) and come in a jar with brine. I'm guessing they have a higher meat content than normal hot dogs and are 75% pork These were ready cooked and can be eaten cold or reheated. They're big old hot dogs at approx 8" long.

The recipe below produced enough dough to make 6 Bockwursts Baked in Buns.

First of all, I made a batch of bread dough very late last night. My Kitchenaid did all the work with a dough hook.

500g strong white bread flour
25g olive oil
1.5tsp salt
1tbsp sugar
14g dried active yeast - or 1 x sachet fast action bread maker yeast
35g wholegrain mustard
35g grated parmesan
1.5tsp dried mixed herbs
320ml luke warm water

It using dried active yeast, dissolve sugar in the water, add the yeast and leave for about 10mins to activate.

Proceed to combine all ingredients and make the dough. Knead for 10 mins until smooth and silky - or if it's 1.30am, you may choose to get the Kitchenaid to do it for you as I did !

Put the dough in an oiled bowl and cover with clingfilm. Shove in the fridge overnight - or leave to rise until doubled in size and ready to use.

I've been working with sour dough a lot recently. That does not rise as much as regular dough. I've been shoving my sour dough in the fridge in an oiled tupperware box rather than in a big bowl.

This was how much the dough had risen IN THE FRIDGE after about 2 hours before I went to bed... I knocked it back a bit, figured it wouldn't do much more (and had no where to go) before the morning and put it back in the fridge.

This is what I found this morning ....

I guess it had been trying to escape !

I took it out the box and divided into 6 x 140g balls. Each of these was rolled out. I put a generous squirt of chilli tomato ketchup on each one and a bockwurst on top.

Then sealed them up like packages. Do not forget to make a small air / steam hole in one end. The ones I didn't burst open at the seams on baking.. Glaze with egg wash and bake at approx 180deg C fan for 20mins.

I wish I'd scattered some sesame seeds on top too.

As you can see, they cam out a beautiful golden brown and the sausages stayed snuggly warm inside the soft dough outer for a considerable amount of time. They may look a bit more presentable cut in two across the diagonal and served in a basket with some hand cut chips (fries). But whatever way - offer to a man, and it's good food to grab and go !

Sarah-Jane Nash - experimenting in the kitchen, November 2011 -


  1. Gosh... I just can't imagine how the dough creeping out of the box. :DD

  2. These are a GREAT idea!! Although I'd have gone with mustard or curry ketchup instead of ketchup to keep it German. Think I'll have to borrow this off you ;)

  3. Ann - I just had to take a photo of that dough. Couldn't believe it ! I'll put it in a big bowl as normal next time. The box took up less space, but the dough wanted more....

    Anne - I'm with you on that.... but chilli ketchup was calling. Me, I'd have ketchup and mustard and 1/2 a bockwurst - these were HUGE

  4. These are AWESOME! My boyfriend is always complaining that I make such "girly" food ... I am going to try this one!

  5. They look amazing! Reminds me of when we went to Prague and had hotdogs, dipped in mustard and speared through baguettes! I've bookmarked this for when I have a house full of blokes watching sport :)

  6. Kimber / Hannah - thanks. You have no idea how close I came to not blogging these. They were not photogenic in the slightest. Saying that, they tasted pretty good and were a huge source of amusement ! I reckon they need a bit of refinement....

  7. tell them boys 2 wash their hands - lol - u don't want the blame of their tummy aches...xx

  8. Man I want to try those!

  9. lol...oh my how sweet your colleagues are to pose for that photo! and the dough creeping out of the box does look kind of creepy in a funny way....:P..which reminds me that I shd make more bread for the family...I'll bet the buns are awesome...just the sound and look of it makes you want boys could do with something as big as that..they would look just like your friends if they had one each :P

    take care Sarah..


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