Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Doughballs with Mozzarella and Garlic Butter (for dunking)

These were oh SO good. Terribly fast and a super way to use up some left overs !

Last weekend I made pizza. When I make pizzas, I generally make up a bread dough mix for a 500g loaf and then divide this into portions. Each loaf mix makes approx 4 pizzas or 2 great big ones for sharing.

We had one big pizza last weekend and after the first rise, I bagged the remaining half the dough in a ziploc bag and shoved it in the fridge. It seems to survive in there for up to a week no probem. I can then either pull it out and shape for more pizzas or a few fresh rolls. As it has already had a prove, the second prove is fairly quick as long as your kitchen is warm !

This time, I used half the dough in the fridge (1/4 of a batch) to make these little dough balls. Basically, they're just micro rolls !

Pinch off little balls of dough. Press a small piece of mozzarella (if desired) into the middle of the dough. I wanted final size to be around the size of a ping pong ball - so they only want to be tiny... about half that size before they prove.

Dip the dough balls quickly in some milk or water and them roll them in semolina. I hate that stuff for puddings (bleurgh) but it gives a lovely texture to the outside of breads.

Place them spaced apart on a baking tray. My kitchen was cold as the heating was not on, so I put them on the circular tray for my halogen oven cooker and loosely covered in cling film. The halogen oven is fab as it heats up in lightening fast time with no preheat required. It also uses jsut 1/3 of the power of my conventional fan oven !

Then I popped them into the halogen oven to prove with the heat set half way between off and thaw for approx 30 mins until doubled in size.

Once proved, remove the cling film and pop into a preheated oven at 180deg for approx 5 mins until JUST starting to colour. Alternatively, just remove cling film and turn the halogen oven on for about 7 > 8 mins with no preheat at 180deg C.

Serve alongside some melted garlic butter for dunking.... or drizzle the garlic butter over the top and allow to soak in.

Basic Bread Recipe

500g strong white bread flour
1 tsp salt
1 sachet quick action yeast (same stuff they use for breadmakers)
1 tablespoon sugar
approx 300ml of luke warm water

combine ingredients and then knead until gluten develops and it becomes silky. Put aside in a warm, draught free place to rise until doubled in size.

Knock back. Either then put it into a 2lb loaf tin or mould (if you prefer not to make it free form) and leave for a second prove - or divide up for pizzas etc.

I don't bother second proving for pizzas. I just roll it and use it.

Any left overs, pop in a ziploc bag in the fridge where it will keep for a week.

Dough balls like these make a lovely side dish and any left overs are ideal for tiny tiny micro rolls for toddlers like mine !


  1. These looks fantastic. Will be trying these. Got to get some mozarella first though. They really really look delicious Sarah!


  2. Zurin - I did half with mozzarella and half without. Really nice both ways - but a certain little person hates stringy cheese !

    I got a new little camera which handles the light mich better in my dingy kitchen. It certainley seems to help make my photos look more like their subjects. :-) x

  3. I bet these tasted wonderful... and dipped in the garlic butter must have just put them over the top!!

  4. These look terribly addicting :o) I could do some serious damage with those doughballs!

  5. Oh hell yes! I love doughballs and these look fantastic, I can't wait to try this recipe. x

  6. I have no doubt those were delicious. I am afraid I could and I would eat that whole tray. :)

  7. Oh my word those are so simple and yet look SSSSOOOOOOO scrummy.

    Loving your blog by the way, tripped across it in the most bizarre way via ebay ;-)

  8. thank you everyone for the comments.

    The good thing with these is that the dough keeps in the fridge for a week - so you can make as few or as many in one go as you wish.

    Baby Wilt - glad you are enjoying it. Yes - I do put blog links all over our ebay listings as I get so many people asking me loads of questions regarding recipes etc for use with the silicone moulds.

  9. my son is ADDICTED to pizza express dough balls - im going to have to try these !!! thanks x

  10. now your just teasing me with those delicious little bites, and garlic butter to dunk them in....oh my I can just imagine how good they were!

  11. This doughballs sound wonderful! Yum! :)

  12. How good do these look, nice thanks so much.


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