Friday, 25 February 2011

Baking with Biscuiteers - Cute Kitty Cookies

Pretty sugar cookies covered in vibrantly coloured royal icing have littered the likes of Foodbuzz for the last couple of weeks.

I've LONGED to be able to make them - but never believed I could. All the talk of "flooding icing" and outlining had me in shivers.

Then, I picked up a stunning hard backed book in Waitrose by Biscuiteers and decided maybe it was time to be brave ! Oliver picked a couple of cookie cutters and we got to work and made the chocolate cookie dough recipe from the book.

Making iced sugar cookies is a long process, but I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed skiddling around in the kitchen last Sunday afternoon / evening. The icing went much further than I expected it to and quite a bit was left over. By Monday morning when Oliver came down stairs, I had quite a collection of little black pussy cat biscuits waiting to show him. make hand crafted iced cookies which can be sent as gifts - so much more novel that a conventional box of chocolates. After succeeding with the cat biscuits, I've gathered myself a little collection of cookie cutters and plan to make my mother-in-law a "garden" set for her birthday in a couple of months. I've bought a tulip, watering can, bird, daisy, ladybird, caterpillar and a few other cutters.

Looking forward to practising. Look out for the book. There are a few recipes in it - but loads of photos and ideas with instuctions how to ice. Super rainy day project....

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  1. I can't believe you have never made cookies like this before. They look absolutely perfect! I bet your mother in law will be in love when she receives her garden set. Hope you'll post about them as well :o)

  2. oh - the practice butterfly ones were rather abysmal. I didn't photograph those. They were really awful looking as the colours for flooding I'd made up simply were not suitable. Still - it was just getting the hang of the technique and the kittys were surprisingly easy.

  3. Gorgeous looking little kitten cookies!! Congratulations!!
    Pretty sure you're MIL will love the surprise garden set.. :)

  4. These are just too cute! Great Cookies. x


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