Sunday, 9 January 2011

Tunnocks Tea Cakes - GIVEAWAY of a WHOLE BIG BOX !!!

When I was in Scotland at Christmas, I picked up a WHOLE box of these beauties... Yes, they're Tunnocks Tea Cakes and it's a MASSIVE box of 36 of them.

I bought them specifically to give away to one lucky blog reader as part of my 1st Year of Blogging celebrations. Unfortunately, this one is only open to UK residents as these are very very fragile and don't travel very well.

For those of you who have never eaten one - they're classed as a biscuit with a big fluffy mallow type top and coated in a thin layer of milk chocolate. Think of it like tha marshmallow fluff you can get in jars that's only just stiff enough to hold it's shape. The biscuit is soft. Almost digestive like and more like a cross between a biscuit and a cake.

The factory is in Uddingston, Scotland and only about a mile or so from where my parent's live.

See how big a box this is ?

To be in with a chance to win :

you need to be a blog follower
reside in the UK
Comment, giving the most outrageous way you think you could eat your tunnocks chocolate tea cake !


Here is how Oliver does it....

Unwrap it - with a little help from Mummy.

Sniff it - because all sorts of strange things come from Scotland !

Smack it one with your hand and then pull a face when you realise your fingers are all goo.

Stick your finger in and give it a taste. Decide it may look funny, but tastes rather good !

Ram a police truck in it some more....

Suck all the stuck mallow out the grill of the police truck... and then get in a really sticky mess before mum shoves you in the bath.

Hope you've enjoyed my silly blog post !

copyrite Sarah-Jane - - Jan 2011.

This offer has absolutely no association with Tunnocks and all comments made are entirely my own !


  1. Yes I loved your silly blog post :)
    The tea cakes look yummy.

  2. I am so wasteful with my teacakes! I nibble the chocolate off the fluffy mallow then I nom up the delicious innards before throwing the biscuit bit away.


    Katie xox

  3. Ohh I love these! I eat it a bit like a boiled egg, sometimes complete with biscuit soldiers for dipping.

  4. ow, it's a pity I don't live in UK ...

  5. Kids eh! Always show you up :o) Well I have to admit to not being too keen on these - but my son (aged 39!) has loved them since he was a dot. I'm afraid he just stuffs the whole thing in his mouth in one go - yes I'm ashamed of his table manners! However I absolutely adore the fab retro graphics on the silver foil and on the box - I always smooth the foil out to show that lovely sunburst image.

  6. Terribly outrageous and matching Oliver for outrageous abuse of a Tunnocks tae Cake.

    I did as a child used to get two and put them on my eyes, with my head tilted back and pretend to be a googly eyed monster and groan and try to scare my sister. they used to melt around my eyes.
    My mum was not present the times I tried this. Would love to do it again to shock my children, heehee.
    Would love to eat one again, have not had one for years.
    Thanks for the opportunity


  7. I love those! Haven't had them in so long... ugh... there goes the diet!

  8. Ooooh wow! I've gotta try these!

  9. When we were kids we were never allowed more than one of these mallow wonders so now I have kids of my own we share around the teacakes to mark special occasions
    like birthdays, christmas, or even just a why not day for being you,
    (mind you I tend to have more why not days than the kids do though)
    Shhh dont tell LoL :)

  10. These are delicious! You cannot beat marshmallow chocolate biscuit combo (I'm also partial to a wagon wheel or two) :]

    Not outrageous, but I bite off the biscuit and then kind of suck up chunks of the marshmallow...not sure why. A kid thing that stuck I guess!

  11. well - I reckon Jo is the most outrageous eater of Tunnocks tea cakes..... so send me your details Jo (and don't forget photos with chocolate eye rings later !)



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