Sunday, 24 October 2010

Oliver turns 2 ! Happy Birthday Baby !

Has it really been TWO years already ? It's flown so fast. My baby is turning into a right little man and growing constantly in front of my eyes....

"Mummy - Happy Birthday cake today please ! Oliver two !"

Oliver has been asking EVERY morning for his birthday for nearly two weeks.

"Not today Oliver - soon".

The disappointment on his face :-(

Well - TODAY we had birthday cake. His birthday is actually Monday (25th) but his little friends came round today for some birthday tea - with their mummies of course.

This morning, we came down the stairs and Oliver's cake was ready waiting on him.

"Happy Birthday Cake for Oliver. Hooray !"

He was soo pleased.

"Oh Mummy - it's blue ! Dinosaurs Mummy and Number Two !"

I nearly cried. His little face was glowing and we had to sing Happy Birthday over and over and over again.. He looked at all the dinosaurs, pointed out the colours and try to count them. A few too many when we are still tryin to count to ten ! I used Oliver's dinosaur sprinkles that he likes to put on cupcakes on the number 2.

The little dinosaurs were cut from fondant using some little cutters I bought from an ebay seller in Canada specially for Oliver's cake.

I made his cake with letters from my own design Say It With Cake range of silicone bakeware moulds / molds. At the moment you can buy several word sets - HAPPY, BIRTH, DAYS and CAKE. These moulds can be cut into individual letters for mix and matching. I've done several blog posts using these. There is a guide on a recent post here.

However, all letters and numbers will be available for individual sale from early December. I've got a full set as samples that I'm playing with now.

Below is a cake I made earlier in the week for a competition Yorkshire Tea are running. This is just one layer thick - but split and filled with jam and cream. It didn't last long as I took it to work and customers seemed to enjoy it !

We then had a tiny little cake and put the big one away until his friends came later. A new toy rocket kept him amused most of the morning and all evening. He's gone to bed with the rocket....

Three little boys - all munching cake ! Everything was sticky afterwards from all those little fingers ...

Barely room to move ! Our house is only little - so 4 children and 4 mummies = not a lot of room to move !

Sarah-Jane Nash - - October 2010


  1. Oh Sarah! I almost teared up! this is so lovely and sweet. Little (grown) Oliver must have been sooooo happy and pleased with his cake. It's absolutely beautiful. The colour is adorable and teh dinosaurs make it even more so!

    You did a fabulous job with icing the cake. just perfect! WORD cakes are the best. You're BRILLIANT for thinking them up! I think these moulds are going to be a big hit the way I see it. I like the 'cuppa tea'! it must have attracted a lot of attention. Good job Sarah!

    and happy birthday hugssssssss to Oliver!

    xoxo zurin

  2. Happy Happy B'day Oliver and Sarah you made such a beautiful cake for you little man, very impressive, perfectly done and its just adorable can read the excitement from your words. glad that you all had a great time Hugs to little birth boy :D !

  3. Happy Birthday Oliver! So sweet that he was really looking forward to getting older and getting his cake :D He and I have something in common there, hahaa. Great looking cakes Sarah-Jane.

  4. thank you all. I'm having some fun with the new CAKE WORDS. There are so many things to do with them.

    I'm intending making a halloween cake if I can find the time...

    Oliver has been a little poorly the last couple of days. Hopefully he'll be better soon as we're going up to Scotland this weekend on the plane

  5. Hi Sarah - thank you for visiting my blog! I've been looking around yours - your son is adorable, and I absolutely love his reaction to the fabulous cake you make him. I hope he had a wonderful birthday!

    Are your molds 100% silicone? I haven't seen the individual letters available here in the US, but I can think of so many


  6. Hello BY

    yes- found a link to your blog earlier and decided to put you on my follow list - some interesting stuff there :-)

    I'm a bit biased about Oliver - but then who isn't about their own kids. I love him to bits and he loves being in the kitchen !

    Yes - these moulds / molds are just silicone. You won't find them ANYWHERE yet to my knowledge as these are my own design and something I've been working on for a couple of years. It's cost many thousands to produce the tooling to make all the letters and numbers. I'll be ready to launch them for worldwide sales from the beginning of December.

    Basically, I'm passionate about cooking and my blog is my hobby. However - my hobby became rather extreme.... and I got obsessed about making / creating things and the easiest way to do it.

    I'm actually a solid fuel engineer foremost. For work we originally just sold cast iron (wood burning and multi fuel) stoves. I also design and can fit flue pipe systems. Have a look at if you want a nosey.

    I became "addicted" to using silicone in my kitchen a few years ago and found that in order to get some things I wanted, the only way was to make it. That involved a lot of money and a lot of volume of the same items (hundreds upon hundreds !) and it ended up that I had to form another branch of the company to be able to achieve my dreams.

    I suppose I'm an innovative designer of bakeware too now :-P

  7. What a cutie Oliver is and such a fun cake. Love the letters - and will keep an eye out for them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog..

  8. Sarah, he's a doll and Happy Birthday to you, Oliver! That's an adorable treat for him and I hope all is well there!

  9. What a touching post, and beautiful too. Love how creative you've got with the letters. They are fab!!

  10. Thank you for visiting and your comments :-)


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