Thursday, 14 October 2010

Chocolate Brownies - PART 1 - Rubbish photo - but picture the scene !

About 2 weeks ago, I made some chocolate brownies....

I'd found what looked like an amazing recipe and had stacks of top class reviews. It was this recipe HERE from BBC Good Food . Brownies are really easy to make and a GOOD brownie will store well in a air tight container in the fridge for two weeks. I had the last bit very late last night with a cup of tea !

 Actually - I made not one but two batches of these brownies as the first lot ended up in the bin. So did some of the second lot - but that was totally accidental.

 I SHOULD have read the reviews. They may all give this recipe 5 star - but I'll warn you now THE TIMING IS WAAAAY OUT.

The photo on the link makes them look dry - but  they are actually very moist, rich and morish. The only reason there was one left is because I fogot it was at the back of the fridge ! If you like brownies - do make these. They are AWESOME - but watch the cooking time.

See how bad the photos are ?

 Well.... I wanted to try taking some arty photos like you see on other blogs and magazines of someone holding out a plate... There was only Oliver on hand. Cue a 22 month old standing holding a plate of brownies that he so badly wants to eat and Mummy won't let him until we take photos.... Duh !

Poor little sausage. I feel so guilty now ! I did only put 3 brownies on a small side plate - but Oliver did find it difficult to balance it. I sat down on the kitchen floor to try and get a photo from the right height. Oliver copied me and sat down too; so I had to get us both up again. Repeat..

Oliver really really wanted a brownie. "Please Mummy - cake Mummy !"

Oliver wobbled. The plate wobbled. The brownies rocked and wobbled some more. They tettered on the edge of the plate as it tilted forward when Oliver bent over to get a closer view of the brownies before crashing into a broken mess on the floor.

One of the three was still intact. Oliver grabbed it and ran into the living room shouting "Thank you, thank you" as fast as his little legs would carry him.

Photo shoot over. Time to hoover the floor !

I cooked these in our 8" square fudge / silicone brownie bakeware pan. I did lightly butter and flour before use and it released beautifully as always.

 Like other reviewers of this recipe, I found the timing was miles out. 25 minutes was not enough. My brownies took a little over 40 minutes before they were ready. Wait until there is no wobble and DO use a cake tester. The brownie is quite thick - it will fill on baking to nearly the top of the mould.

Sarah-Jane Nash - the evil Mummy to Oliver (cake boy !) - silicone bakeware / cake mould specialists - October 2010


  1. This is hilarious! I can imagine Oliver sitting on the floor copying you and the brownies crashing and Oliver screaming thank you n running off with one! just too funny.

    i shd try this brownie recipe if you say its good esp while my grandkids are here so that I can do the hold a plate shot too. ill probably get the 12 year old to do it :P

  2. Zurin - the children will adore these brownies. Oliver certainley did ! It is a very good recipe as long as you adjust the cooking times.

    I'm sure the 12yo will stand still and your shots will be beautiful as ever (unlike my blurry mess ....) lol.

    I have to love him. hehe x

  3. LOL ...LOL>..just before i read this post i was telling my huby how much i like that kind of pictures where someone holds too tried it with my son.....he was jumping and i couldnt get a picture..halfway thru he started eating is 3....i am waitimg for him to grow big..:)...i can totally imagine what u have gone thru.....loved the story:)...

  4. haha i am trying to imagine photo shoot with Oliver, haha cute, though they are blurred i think it was good arty try :)


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