Saturday, 17 August 2013

Snowy Mountains (Recipe) - They Knock The Socks Off Rocky Road !

I've never been a fan of rocky road - it sounds too good to be true, but for me never really delivers.

I think it's the teeny weeny commercially produced marshmallows that most people add in which are rubbery and lack any form of flavour, coupled with too much chocolate.... it's just not worth the calories.

I also don't like the pink and white mallow things tossed in coconut and sandwiched between two cardboard tasting wafers. The concept is great but they are such a let down if you've ever actually eaten one.....

Snowy Mountains are my idea of a hybrid version of those pink and white mallow thingies and rocky road. 

I must say, I'm delighted how they actually turned out...... Pillowy white clouds of soft and divine marshmallow on top of a crunchy chocolate and biscuit base.

This recipe could be really versatile. Feel free to try your own flavours of marshmallow and perhaps even add a dollop of jam or chocolate ganache (nutella even) before popping the biscuit layer on the bottom. If you are still scared of making marshmallow at home, watch me make these on the tutorial video at the bottom of this page.

RECIPE - makes 24

500g white, granulated sugar
2 egg whites
2 sachets of gelatine granules (1 sachet sets 1 pint of liquid)
1 (or 2!) tsp vanilla extract
100g desiccated coconut
400g of chocolate
360g coconut cookies

Prepare 3 x 8 rectangular recessed silicone bakeware moulds by oiling or lightly spraying with cake release spray and rubbing in.

Put the sugar in a large pan with 250mls of water and bring to a boil. There is no need to stir.

Empty the two gelatine sachets into 125mls of cold water, stir and set aside for about 10 mins to bloom.

Put the two egg whites in a large bowl.

You will need a sugar thermometer. When the temperature on the sugar thermometer reads 110deg C, start whipping your whites with a hand held mixer to firm peaks.

When the sugar syrup reaches 122deg C, remove from the heat. Let it sitt for a few seconds until it stops bubbling, then stir in the gelatine.

Pour the syrup into the egg whites, whilst running the hand mixer on high. It will look really soupy at this stage. Keep whipping the living daylights out of it until the mixture is almost cool and clinging to the beaters - but still pourable.

Put the marshmallow mixture into an 18" disposable piping bag. Pipe the mallow into the cells of all the moulds, to within approx 5mm of the top.

Set aside for approx 1 hour to firm up.

Melt 500g of chocolate (in 30 second bursts) in the microwave. Crush 360g of coconut cookies and mix into the chocolate. Use a spoon or a fork to put this on top of the mallows and fill the remaining space in each cell of the mould.

Pop in the fridge for 10 > 20 mins.

When the chocolate has hardened, pop the mallows out of the moulds. Roll in desiccated coconut for a finishing touch,

Enjoy ! 

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