Saturday, 11 May 2013

Oliver and Emma - The Terrible Twosome.....

Well - I know you haven't heard much from me the last few months. Truth is, there has been a lot going on.....

We're working away on fitting a kitchen at work. Infact, it's not JUST a kitchen, it's going to be a cookery school. Unfortunately, one of the units was delivered the wrong size - so we're waiting on a replacement being made and delivered (hopefully next week). Meantime, I've been working on some projects and ideas that I'll share once I've got space to photograph..

Meantime - my little Oliver is getting very grown up !

This is Oliver (4.1/2 and his girlfriend, Emma - 5.3/4) - 5th May 2013

Last weekend, he had her sleep over. Excited was an understatement. He was practically bouncing off the walls !

First of all - we took a trip to High Lodge at Thetford Forrest.

There aren't actually many photos, as shortly after this I lost my camera ! Luckily, I DID actually get it back.... though the kids weren't amused at having to go back the way...

This was a really cool swing. Takes about 8 kids at once..

Ringing the bells on the musical trail. Couldn't have lost these two if I tried - they were the noisiest kids in the park !

Such a lovely sunny day - and amazing the weather held for the bank holiday Monday....

When I got these two home they were FILTHY.

Thankfully, with a new little boat to play with - they were desperate to get into the bath whilst I made tea. At the threat of a bath, Oliver is known to sometimes run and hide !

The little necklace he is wearing is made of amber and was a gift from Emma. He's had it since Christmas and refuses to take it off.

They're a pair of monkeys together, but best of friends.

Getting them to bed was the easy bit..... trying to get them to sleep was a bit more interesting. 

Chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter. Eventually, Oliver fell asleep first - but woke Emma up with his snoring ! Chatter, chatter...... In the end, they had to go in different rooms.

5.45am - yup - you've got it - they were up and full of beans....

A day out this time to the  war reenactment event at Mid Suffolk Railway. In this photo, we're all on the steam train. That's my husband in the back ground....

Absolutely amazing day with loads to see. Most people were in period dress - it was like stepping back 70 years in time..

Soldiers, home guard, nurses, wrens, doctors, children....

Oliver and Emma got to sit in a huge old period Army Truck. Oliver was above my head height in the cab in this photo....

They looked at how the old guns used to work, hold some blank ammo, what the inside of a grenade looks like and old bombs. They even got a mock identification card each. Needless to say, Ellie the elephant was never far away !

Pity I didnt get a photo from outside - but this is inside the green goddess fire engine. We were lucky enough to get a ride in this and have the sirens on when we got back.

Wasn't long after this that we headed home.... Two VERY tired small children and a very tired mummy. Oliver was asleep for the night by 6pm and I think I was asleep by 8pm !

Tonight Oliver is staying at Emma's house.... Victoria (Emma's mummy) has her hands full ..... As we print a copy of the blog as a yearly memory book, I'm hoping Victoria is going to do a blog for me with some photos. From what I've heard so far, they're up to high jinx.....

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