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Fig and Dolcelatte Mini Breads - Recipe

Apologies for the lack of blog entries in the last few weeks. I had to take some necessary time off from work.... and on my return, we all came down with some horrid sickness / flu type bug. Not nice with three of us being sick.... and it's taken quite a bit of time for us all to bounce back.

I'm astonished - but I honestly have not been baking or evolving new projects for the last month !

Anyway...... time to get something in the oven, and these pretty little Fig and Dolcelatte Mini Breads were the result.

Baked in a new stock silicone bakeware mould - the 10 cell mini bread / cake mould. Ideal for single portion mini loaf cakes or breads.

This recipe made 16 mini bread loaves / rolls. I could possibly have squeezed it to make up to 18  if they had been a little smaller. In this photo, they were proven and ready to bake.


450g strong white bread flour
1 sachet of instant yeast
300mls of tepid water
25mls of olive oil
3 tsp of caster sugar
1.1/2 tsp of salt
125g of chopped fresh figs
90g of chopped Dolcelatte cheese (soft cheese with a blue vein)

Put flour, salt, sugar and yeast in a large bowl. Take care not to let salt and yeast touch. Add warm water and oil and bring together as a dough. 

Knead for a good 10mins by hand until soft and silky, but in a tight shape. Cover and allow to rest in a warm area until doubled in size.

Knock back and add in fresh figs and cheese. Divide into 16 > 18 equal sized portions and drizzle a little  olive oil on top of each. Again, cover and set aside until doubled in size.

Bake at 200deg C Fan for approx 15mins.

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