Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Scottish Pancakes (Drop Scones)

These are REAL pancakes!
 Real SCOTTISH pancakes! 

Otherwise known as 'Drop Scones' - another old family favourite, so quick and easy to make.

                  These were traditionally made on a 'griddle' which is really just a cast iron hotplate with a semi-circular handle which was hung over the fire. 
I've never had a griddle, but I have often used my electric frying pan. Recently we bought a 'fancy' cast iron non-stick hotplate which just sits across two rings on the hob. I suppose just about anything will do!

You will need - 
A big mixing bowl
hotplate or heavy base pan - very LIGHTLY greased and pre-heated to HOT

2 cups of SR flour
2 teasp baking powder
1 tblsp sugar
1 tblsp syrup
2 eggs

Mix all together in the bowl, adding enough milk to make a 'batter' of 'dropping consistency' - (no lumps!) it should be just like custard and showing signs of starting to 'bubble'.
Pour out on to the hot griddle enough to make a pancake about 3 or 4 inches (75- 100mm) dia. It will rise and spread, and as it cooks on the bottom you will know when to turn it over when the top is showing bubbles. The cooked sides should be a smooth golden brown. It only takes a minute or so on the griddle. 

Sometimes I make a GIANT pancake per person. Usually they are made of a uniform smaller size. Serve immediately while hot, with butter or syrup, or cool on a rack for later use.

Being up in the highlands of Scotland this week, I thought the workmen (out in the cold wind and showers) doing our decking would appreciate some pancakes. They were dutifully 'SCOFFED', daubed with syrup, just as soon as each was cooked, straight off the griddle!
       I THINK there must have been about 20+  pancakes ABOUT 4" (100mm) dia, but I didn't think to count them!
They do freeze well, but as they are SO delicious and quich to make fresh, it's hardly worthwhile.

Best wishes from the Highlands of Scotland,
Helen (Sarah-Jane's mum)


  1. This sound delicious!

    I love pancakes especially with lots of syrup.

  2. pancake is such a guilty pleasure. sigh. can't resist the savory and sweetness.

  3. Ohhh yum!! I've never actually had 'drop scones' or scottish pancakes before! But these are great with maple syrup!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Oh i have been waiting to make this recipe for long, thanks for the recipe Sarah!!

  5. I remember standing in the kitchen "waiting" on mum making these as a little girl - along with half the other kids in our street ! Mum could never make enough of them - or make them fast enough !


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