Friday, 27 January 2012

Hely's Big, Hearty........ SCOTTISH HAGGIS PIZZA

Hello, it's Helen again!

Well I'm getting to grips with Sarah-Jane's bread recipes, and I have to say I have turned out several lovely loaves. 
Basic Bread Recipe

500g strong white bread flour
1 tsp salt
1 sachet quick action yeast (same stuff they use for breadmakers)
1 tablespoon sugar
approx 300ml of luke warm water

While making up her basic bread dough this afternoon, I had a sudden craving for a PIZZA for dinner ............................and why not?

Time to raid the fridge for ideas. 
With 'Burns' Night' being only just gone, I had a couple of small fresh HAGGIS in the fridge... (as one does) 
(You can buy the real thing, already bagged and ready to microwave for just 6 minutes) ............PERFECT!

I turned on the oven (with the big flat grill pan in it, lightly oiled) as high as it goes, 250deg. to heat up HOT,
and looked out everything I fancied that might make good ingredients.

I rolled out 1/2 of my bread dough on to my big silicone pastry mat to a 12" dia. 

It didn't stick in the slightest - in fact, it didn't even stick to my rolling pin ......whatever had I been worrying about?????

Ingredients  (Just make yours up as you go along!)

1/2  standard bread dough mix (equiv. of a 1lb loaf)
1     haggis (I used ‘McSween's' - serves 2-3)
1/2  carton of Sainsbury's chopped tomatoes with olive oil & garlic (390g carton)
2     onions (mine were quite small) - sliced
3     tomatoes - sliced
2     sticks of celery (de-strung and chopped)
2     red hot chillies - sliced
+ some grated cheese - I only had cheddar (Scottish matured - of course!)
                                    (Be very generous with the 'toppings' and it'll be a 'WOW!')

I opened up the haggis & chopped it up into a bowl, microwaving it for 4 minutes. Everything else I had chopped and ready in bowls, ready for the big rush....

I took the hot grill pan from the oven, slapped in the rolled-out pizza base, slathered on the chopped tomatoes, spread the haggis, then the rest of the toppings - with the cheese on top, and slammed it back into the HOT oven.......... Phew! NO PROBLEMO!

About 10 minutes later it was ready to serve. Lovely crispy base and the toppings looked thick, meaty, tasty, juicy and crunchy, easily enough for 4 people, with a good portion for each. 

Now THAT’s what I CALL a PIZZA!

Now tell us what YOU will put in YOUR PIZZA!

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  1. I don't know. I came on here to do a blog entry and thought I'd go the wrong site ! I honestly had to look twice :Shocked:

    Haggis pizza ? New one on me - but I'd certainley give it a go. I'm impressed. You were scared stiff of bread making by hand when I was home at Christmas and now you're turning out some cracking loaves, etc

    I give you my password to let you put some coffee buns on and before you know it I've got a co-blogger. Saying that, I can't think of anyone I'd rather share my blog with :-)


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