Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mincemeat Crumble Slices & Christmas Photos

These cake bars couldn't be easier and yet they can be made SO versatile and quick to make. I packed these full of my home made sweet mincemeat on this occasion, but diced peaches or apples with cinnamon and sugar work well - or even just a good thick layer of chunky jam !

Eat them as a cake slice or serve hot as a dessert with custard or a scoop of good vanilla ice cream.

Use a tray, tin or silicone bakeware mould approx 11 x 9" internal size - our Tray Bake Swiss silicone mould is perfect for this (as shown)

700g mincemeat (replace with suitable alternative as desired)

650g flour
325g sugar
300g butter

Rub the butter, flour and sugar together until it starts to clump together. I like to be able to compact it together in my hand so it holds as one lump and them crumble it again so it's like rubble more than crumbs.

Put half the mixture in the mould or tin and roll flat. Spread mincemeat / jam / choice of filling on top and then top with the remaining crumble.

Bake 180deg c fan oven (200deg C normal electric) for 30mins or until the top is starting to turn a light golden brown.

Allow to totally cool before slicing. Makes approx 12 large slices.

May be warmed again later and served as a dessert with good vanilla ice cream.

I've been spending a few days with family in Scotland. We shouted up the chimney just before we left Norfolk so that Santa would know where to bring Oliver's presents on Christmas morning ! I must Santa brought Oliver a spectacular load of toys....including the spitting dinosaur that he really wanted (but is actually rather scared of at the moment)

Uncle Simon (my brother) got given the job of putting all the fiddly little bits of a Playmobil set together.

Oliver was VERY excited on Christmas eve and getting him to bed was a bit of a nightmare. We wrongly presumed that since he was very late going to sleep, that he would not get up until a reasonable hour. Hmm 5.25am isn't quite what I had in mind.......!!!

This one - Smokey The Fire Engine - is most definitely the favourite.

Doctor Oliver doing an examination of Pappy (apparently contagious)

Riding Bullseye (Nanny's rocking horse) on Boxing Day

Santa was rather good to me too. I've got several rather super cookery books that I'm looking forward to trying out new recipes from family and a Masterclass at The Lavender House in Norfolk from my lovely husband.

Can't believe it's almost all over and we go home again tomorrow.

Hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas !

Sarah-Jane Nash, - December 2011


  1. Sarah love your pictures, your son look amazing, and love mincemeat crumble slices look delicious, have a lovely and Happy New Year!!!

  2. Yummy! I love mincemeat, and was so amused to find out my wife thought it involved actual meat last week, haha!

  3. Love pic of Oliver ad doc :) Very Happy New Year Sarah!!

  4. I have never had mincemeat before but I just bought some so I am looking forward to trying this!

  5. it's really yummy ! Mincemeat is really quite heavy - so you need quite a lot of it as a filling.

    Made this again tonight with cinnamon apples in the middle. Made really thick slices as the same weight in apples in quite a good bit more in volume. Just as fab though.

    Enjoy :-)

  6. Your crumble is making me crave it so bad. Love the suggestion of peaches and apples, yum. Thanks for sharing your holiday photos. Your son is just so adorable :)

  7. loving the rocking horse would love a go on it

  8. Great report and photos, an enjoyable read all round. Nice to see you posting again
    I love carp fishing and your blog is fabulous and great and very informative for who intrusting in fishing. I really enjoy your posts keep it up and I am waiting for more pictures keep it up and thanks for sharing.


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