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Smore'd Giant Chocolate (and Beetroot) Muffins

I got the inspiration for these Smores type cakes from Indigo Sugar Spectrum and a blog follower - Jaqui Hayes. Jennifurla made some lovely looking Smores with her gorgeous little girl, Indigo.

The cake recipe is a Chocolate and Beetroot cake and came from Jaqui. I did make it the day she sent it to me - but I'm afraid I've been rather tied up prior to the show (and afterwards) so am a bit behind in blogging.

I'd made chocolate and beetroot cake once before - a few years back now. It's was so chocolatey and lovely and seriously moist. You don't really taste the beetroot but it does add a dark earthiness and enhances the chocolate. These photos were actually from 22/5/11. The same day as Oliver got his big present...


What I decided to do with these was make the chocolate and beetroot cake in my crown (American Jumbo) muffin mould. Then I SMORED IT !

Yeah - you'll struggle to find anything so icky sticky as this. I promise. The second you touch it, it welds itself to your skin. Tasted great, hysterically funny to try and eat. Take a bite. Whole cake literally superglues itself to your face....

Getting the paper cake cases off was fun too. :rollseyes:

Once peeled from the cake, try putting the paper it in the bin ! It sticks to your fingers so you pull it off with the other hand. Then it sticks to that hand.

It's handy having a toddler. There are always babywipes around. This time - you'll need them too !

If you prefer something more traditional, they will always be a big hit with some chocolate buttercream on top instead. These are some candy ducks and bunny rabbits that I made as toppers with our new Ducks N Bunnies Chocolate silicone chocolate mold. 

These seriously chocolatey ones were a huge hit with Oliver.


Chocolate and Beetroot Cake

75g Cocoa Powder
180g Plain Flour
1tsp Baking Powder
Pinch of Salt
250g Caster Sugar
300g Fresh Cooked Beetroot
3 Eggs
200ml Corn Oil / Sunflower oil
1tsp Vanilla Extract

Bake in an oven at 180deg / Gas mark 4. I used 170deg Fan oven.

This recipe is meant to suit a 7" round tin - but I made 4 x Crown (American Jumbo) muffins and 6 regular sized cupcakes. They took about 20 mins to cook the normal sized ones and approx 25mins for the crown

There were no method instructions given, but I treated like muffins. I put the cooked beetroot and all wet ingredients together and blitzed them together until they resembled a summer fruit smoothie !

After that. I mixed in the dry ingredients until just combined and then spooned into paper cases. For the ones in the crown muffin mould. I lightly greased and floured the top inner rims.

 As the intention was to shove a whole heap of marshmallows on top and then flash under the grill, I just filled up to the top of the paper cases and not right into the recessed area.


Ok, so now you know NOT to do this at home, you can see I did....


Silicone WILL burn under the grill. Then again, so will marshmallows !

These were only under the grill for a few seconds. You will need to keep a VERY close and watchful eye over them or you could easily burn your cakes or your mould !

I had to leave them for about 15mins or so until the marshmallow started to set a bit again before removing them from the moulds.

Oh what fun :-)

Oliver had been asking for a trampoline for a while, so I cut him a deal (see the 19th May blog entry)

"When you wear big boy pants all the time and keep them dry, you can have a trampoline."

He had to save up stickers every time he kept pants / nappy dry to get a trampoline. We started on the Monday, he was dry and in pant (knickers) by the Thursday. I was expecting it to take weeks !

"Mummy - can we go and buy my trampoline now ?"

We went and bought the trampoline on the Saturday and put it up on the Sunday....

Que one VERY happy and proud little boy.. (and mummy !)

Bribery and corruption even works with two year olds.....

We are still bouncing along daily

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  1. Great post! Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness!
    Give me one of these scrumptious cupcakes now!!
    Your little man is such a cutie on the trampoline!!

  3. Hmmm I seem to like the idea of chocolate and beetroot. Love the colour of the batter. how cute are teh ducks! And little Oliver :)

  4. These muffins sound like a blast to eat! The messier the better in my household :) Thanks for sharing, buzzed :)

  5. My son would love these - anything that is ok to get messing eating he is in olve with!

  6. Oh my goodness, I have to try these. They look way too tempting not to.
    I hear you about the wet wipes all over the house, gotta have them handy :)))
    Thanks for sharing Sarah, hope you'll have a wonderful day

  7. Thank you all :-)

    Chocolate and beetroot does make a wonderful cake combination and oh so moist.

    The marshmallow topping / SMORE'D was such a laugh ! Oliver preferred the buttercream though. I think the marshmallow ones were too messy even for him !

    I'll get round to visiting all your blogs again soon. Been missing all your lovely photos and recipes.

    At the moment I'm still catching up from the show and trying to get this blog back up to date... It's a rather big task.

    Have a great week. Keep watching - I'll have a competition / giveaway soon :-)

  8. These look amazing! Love the beet in there too- I need to try it.


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