Thursday, 19 May 2011

Some New Moulds & Crafting With Oliver

Aren't these CUTE ? 

We had 60,000 silicone bakeware moulds arrive in last week. Loads of new designs - it's going to take me some time to get them all online.

There were several new chocolate collection moulds amongst them including ducks and bunny rabbits, dinosaurs and mini roses. I couldn't resist the duck one and the candies from this are just too cute to eat ! 

I so want to make some as cupcake toppers.

I know, I know. I should be preparing for the show. Still - I've got to have SOME time off. Please forgive me - the photos are not great. I did not get the light box etc out to take photos of the candies. Then again, it's after 3am and I know you want to see them.

This mould makes up to 4 bunnies, 4 ducks and 6 eggs at a time. 

The candies shown are simply Wilton Candy Melts with the details painted on in the candy melts.

The dinosaurs are rather cute too.

I'll do more some other time at a sensible time of day. These are a little rushed ..... and it shows. Still. Oliver will be only too happy to gobble them in the morning.

You will find I have not yet got the info or measurements done for these and online. There is so much to do and I'm SO far behind. Does not help that my laptop died last week and had to go and have the operating system reinstalled early this week.....

Another new item in is these silicone ice lolly / popsicle moulds which are now available in sets of 4. You can have them in assorted, green, orange, yellow or pink. Each comes with a pop on cap. Just fill approx 3/4 full (to leave room for the liquid expanding as it freezes) and pop in the freezer.

Oliver and I had some fun a couple of weeks ago. I can't resist showing you the results.

I got some dental alginate powder. You mix it with water and it sets into a rubbery type stuff within a matter of seconds. Dentists use it to take impressions of teeth.

I mixed a batch of it up and poured it into a silicone lasagne mould. Oliver then got to plunge his hand into the gunk and wait several seconds until it set.

After it set, I filled the cavity with some mixed plaster of paris and we left it a couple of hours to harden.

The result was the cutest hand casting. Unfortunately, it was very soft and fragile at the time. It was really easy just to lift out the alginate with the plaster cast inside. Extreme care needs to be taken at picking off the set alginate. It comes away easily, but the plaster is still damp and easy broken. 

I broke two of the fingers off the cast and had to stick them back on later with adhesive. Luckily, it's fairly hard to tell. The cast is definitely going in his memory box. It's so sweet to have a casting of his hands whilst he is still little.

Below is his first recognisable drawing - Oliver aged 2.1/2. Everything else just looks like scribbles.... but this is a car with doors and coloured it ! The drawing and hand casting were from the same weekend.

I'm really really proud today. For the first time ever, Oliver has been dry all day. We started trying to get him into pants on Monday. He's saving up his reward stickers for going on the potty / toilet to swap for a trampoline as soon as the building blocks toy box is covered. Started with one sticker on Monday and got  SIX stickers today ! 

Well done baby :-)


  1. What a lovely idea to give him stickers for toilet trainign. I wish Iwas as smart as that 30 years ago.

    the moulds are cute sure Oliver is going to gobble up those dinosaurs for sure! teh hand cast wonderful to look at that 30 years from today :))) good idea!

    btw love Oliver's drawing. So cute :)

  2. The moulds are so cute I love the duck! gloria

  3. Lovely new moulds!
    And the drawing - it's amazing!!
    Greetings from Lena, Finland!

  4. the molds are pretty, cute hand and drawing!

  5. I love the ducks and dinosaurs, they are so cute! Oliver's drawing is adorable too :)

  6. Congrats to Oliver, yay! Your hand cast will be such a lovely memory to have when he is a grown man with his own children. Even though I do not have children I can see how excited they would get by all the little animal shaped candy. These are adorable :)

  7. These are adorable! oh my goodness my sister would LOVE these, she's always making lollipops with molds. Thanks for sharing the awesome new molds =]

  8. Stopped by to see if you post your thoughts from the show.
    The new molds are so pretty, so much fun to play with. The kids will go crazy
    The hand cast will be a sweet memory later in life, maybe show him again on his graduation day :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Sarah


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