Wednesday, 20 January 2010

And RELAX.....

Time for a nice hot bath and a chance to try and relax. Not easy after a day I like I've had today....
Silly newly passed boy racer ran into me when I was on my way to work. Little country roads and he was going far far too fast. I saw him coming and pulled in to let him past. However, he was coming so quick - that when he braked on a muddy road he just kept going and ended up smacking straight into my car. I'm lucky - mine has little damage. His is much worse off - and he'll have his mum to answer to !

Thank goodness for mobile phones. I've got photographic evidence from the scene if he decides to change his mind about admitting liability.

And so to soap.....

We got some lovely new silicone bakeware moulds in just after Christmas. I'm having lots of fun making things with them for photographic reasons - especially soaps. Many of the silicone bakeware moulds are equally as good for soaping.
Due to high demand we're also going to be stocking melt and pour soap and shampoo base in normal and sls free varieties. These will be available from 1st February, and we hope to be able to offer frangrances for soaps, other cosmetics and candles shortly after.

Our new mini loaf tin moulds have been moving very quickly as they're fab for both mini loaves, mini tea breads and also large bath soaps. I made a cinnamon and orange bath soap in one yesterday.

The soap made in one of these moulds has lovely rounded edges and is a pleasure to hold. It weighs in at a hefty 200grams.

Pictures below.
Forgive the dent in the top and the fingerprints. I dropped it prior to the photographs !

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